Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hope and Anchor

After a very windy morning at Hope Cove we decided we would eat before our long journey home. We heard good reviews about the place but we were pretty disappointed at the end and here's why.

The first dish which arrived was the breaded chicken breast (₤4.50) from the children's menu. The batter was very hard and tasteless and the veggies were cooked to death.
Melted cheddar nachos (₤4.95). It was actually not bad but then no cooking was required.
Local crab jacket potato (₤7.95). A said it was nice but we wonder if she was being nice?
Scampi and chips (₤6.95) from the basket meals section. It was also one of the better dishes for the day.
Cheddar and beans jacket potato (₤4.95). Very ordinary.
My half roast chicken and chips (5.95). The chips were good but the chicken was way too salty.
Steak and tribute ale pie (8.95). Again it came with the cooked-to-death veggies and it's very expensive for just a small slice microwaved pie.
The place is a hotel and I would be very upset if I were a hotel guest and had to dine at this place. It has so much potential and yet the management can't be bothered to make it nice. Why?

The Hope and Anchor
Hope Cove, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 3HQ. Tel: 01548 561 294

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