Friday, January 23, 2009


My visit to the always reliable Bellagio was long overdue. It had been at least 8 months!

Our black pepper beef on hot plate had so much more beef this time (see previous meal here). Coated with a rich and thick black pepper sauce, the beef was juicy and tender as usual.

Braised beef noodles. The soup base was very robust and beefy to begin with the slices of beef were just incidental. It made noodles so much more interesting!

Crispy chicken. The skin looked and sounded crispy but we didn't try it. The meat was succulent like a spring chicken. Loved it!

Stir-fried beans with lotus bulbs and rice cruellers. We liked the combination of texture with the cruellers being crispy and the lotus bulbs almost spongy.

Sichuan beef in chili oil. It was pleasantly more numbing than spicy.
The bill came to just over RMB300. Somehow they must have sneaked their prices up like most places in Shanghai!

68 Tai Cang Rd. (nr. Hubin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6386-5701

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How much do you weigh? 100kg? 100kg at least!