Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ajisen Noodles

Ajisen Noodles has quite a bad reputation in Hong Kong.  To be fair you can't really expect too much when it's obvious the chain is not exactly advertising on quality or authenticity.  It's a fast food joint which serves Japanese-inspired food.  Once you get your mindset right then it's not really that bad.  I like the price tags anyway.

Japanese dumplings(RMB9).  They were edible and tasted just like the microwavable stuff you buy in convenient stores.

Hot and spicy noodles with some kind of pork(RMB22).  There are quite a few choices for noodles on the menu but they all seemed pretty similar to me.  Despite my low expectations the dish was still pretty unsatisfying.  The noodles were not bad but there was so little of it.  I was still pretty hungry afterwards.  I am somewhat glad that I didn't eat more than I did because I got so thirty afterwards it must have been MSG.

Ajisen Noodles - many branches across town.

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