Friday, January 23, 2009

Dragon Air

Dragon Air's food has deteriorated so much over the last 3 years I don't expect much at all these days.  I pretty much just count on filling my tummy with Haagan Dazs  - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the ice cream stays.

Our very uninspiring starter.  We got fruits because it was supposed to be breakfast, even though it was noon by the time we got food.  Why?  It was just one of those delays, which happens 8 out of 10 flights.  Oh no, I'm not bitter.

The heavily nuked pastries.  We almost got second-degree burns by handling them.  The croissant was easily the greasiest piece of pastry in the world.

Breakfast choices were some very plastic-looking eggs or dim sum.  I went for the dim sum and it was a mistake.   The piece of turnip cake was floury with virtually no turnip and I didn't near go near the siu mai looking thing with spinach on top.  The filling in the green dumpling tasted the same as the white one, and I couldn't tell what it was.  Whatever it was it's very persistent as it repeated on me over and over all day.  Yikes.

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