Friday, January 23, 2009


Having tried the brunch menu at Azul, which is a lot more interesting than its regular lunch, I decided that I will never need to go back  during the week.  Why eat hamburger when you can have steak?

To start off our meal we were given some muffins and scones.  While the muffins were more like sponge cakes the scones were rich and firm with that nice buttery smell.  Hmmm.

Azul's version of bruschetta.  The twists were tapenade, parma ham and the Parmesan.  It was lovely!  I am not usually a big fan of bruschetta as I find chopped onions and garlic way too strong and it leaves an after taste in my mouth for a long time.  With this version I guess my palate was pleasantly distracted and I didn't mind it so much as a result.  An excellent start indeed!

Smoked salmon crepes.  I was taken by surprised when I bit into one as there were chopped eggs inside.  A very nice touch!

My husband's steak and eggs.  He didn't have any problem polishing it off the plate.  

Risotto with duck.  Creamy and delicious.
The 2-course brunch with a drink was under a RMB100 per person.  I forgot how much it was exactly but it's excellent in value for sure.   I'd love to go back again.

There's one disturbing question though: is it me or does the place smell of urinal fresh?  Perhaps I've mistaken the scent but the place always smells like bathroom air freshener to me.

18 Dong Ping Rd. (nr. Heng Shan Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6433-1172

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