Thursday, January 01, 2009

Simply Thai

Simply Thai is normally pretty good but the meal we had in its Hongmei Road branch was average at best.  This is the problem with chain restaurants even though the menu is identical you never know what you would get.  

We started with some spring rolls.  They didn't taste particularly fresh and the fillings were too wet.

At least the BBQ chicken was delicious as it had always been.  It was so good we actually ordered another one. 

Green curry chicken.  The sauce was nice but there were something like 5 pieces of chicken in total.  Why so stingy?

Thai fried noodles with beef.  It was very greasy but plain tasting.  The ratio for beef, noodles and veg was all wrong too.  Next time we will stick to the branches downtown.
28 Hong Mei Road Food Street, Shanghai.  Tel: 6465-8955

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