Sunday, March 09, 2008

Capalaba seafood shop

We finally made it to the legendary seafood shop in Capalaba. We heard so much about it (from our best friends K and N) the highly anticipated trip to the shop did not disappoint. The place was packed with customers and here's just a corner of all the wonderful seafood on offer.

And strangely there were some junk food as well...we have no idea what pluto pups are but they looked like corn dogs. They looked like cloggers no less.

K's mom was very nice to have prepared us a salad spread to go with the seafood.

The extremely ugly Morton Bay bugs. I didn't want to touch them but I had to try them since we were almost in Morton Bay.

My husband was very nice to have peeled the bug for me. It tasted better than a lobster tail! Sweet and more delicate then lobster meat it was like eating a giant tiger prawn.

Then of course we had to have mud crab. This one was under a kilo and I have to say I prefer the one I had in Sydney.

K's butt-kicking BBQ set up in the atrium. Makes BBQ so much easier.

Clockwise from top: blue cod, scallops, mango salsa and barramundi. The seafood was wonderful and I especially enjoyed the barramundi. We made the mango salsa from scratch with a huge local Australian mango K's mom picked. It was simply divine. I need to go back for more!

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