Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Australia Zoo

One of the reasons for this trip was to touch a wombat (don't ask me why but I love them). We were told to go to Australia Zoo where interactions with animals are encouraged. Home of the late Steve Irwin the place is pretty casual and fun, just like him.

We didn't get there on time and as a result we missed the patting registration. :-( We got to watch someone else touch one instead. It sucked!

Now which one is the wombat?

The fur looks a bit like beaver fur.

I got to touch a roo and a koala instead. Better than nothing I guess. They both felt very weird..nothing like I had imagined. Unlike dogs and cats roo fur grows from tail to head! Strange. And koala fur actually felt like a sheep.

A curious (perhaps a little nasty) emu.

A fellow visitor at the zoo entrance.
We saw tigers, elephants, birds, leopards...the usual zoo stuff. Wished we had more time cos we had to skip the dingo pit!

Australia Zoo
Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah, Queensland 4519, Australia. Tel: 07 5436-2000

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