Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shek O Chinese and Thailand Seafood Restaurant

Shek O was so sunny and peaceful on this Feb Sunday afternoon. We first picked a beach front establishment Paradiso for lunch but we found the menu so limiting (3 pizzas or the 5-item buffet) we decided to have a drink instead and move somewhere else. The service turned out to be so slow and unorganised we were glad we didn't order food. Good luck to the owner!

We settled in one of the Thai restaurants on the main road instead. We didn't have high expectation as they all seemed pretty Chinese but the food turned out to be not bad.

Our appetizer combo with the usual prawn cakes, fish cakes, spring rolls and chicken wraps. They were not particularly bad nor good.

Larb gai: spicy minced chicken salad. It was very very spicy and one of our favourites.

Green curry pork. The sauce was very nice but I didn't really like the pork. It could be just me as the rest of them loved it. I think I was having one of those weird meat moments again - my hormones have been acting up...

Stir-fried morning glory - a very Chinese dish but it was pretty good nonetheless.

The pad Thai was very average unfortunately. It wasn't a bad meal overall though and it was infinitely better than what we would have gotten in Paradiso.

I think the meal for 4 with loads of beer came to around HK$600.
Shek O Chinese and Thailand Seafood Restaurant
303 Shek O Village, Hong Kong. Tel: 2809-4426

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