Friday, March 28, 2008

Shanghai Uncle

We went to Shanghai Uncle for its famous spareribs but to our disappointment it was sold out once again. We scrambled the menu to get some meat dishes and we picked out a beef cube with garlic stir-fry. It was a good pick after all. The beef was very succulent and juicy; we never like garlic to begin with but the dish was not very garlicky surprisingly.

Our sweet and sour pork had a nice sauce and consistency but the pork was too fatty.

The stir-fried beans were nice and spicy.

Kung po chicken with macadamia nuts. I think we prefer the traditional cashew nuts but we enjoyed the dish a lot nonetheless.

We also ordered some handmade noodles with vegetables and they turned out to be excellent also. Usually we'd go for fried rice but we decided that Shanghaiese fried rice is not half as good as the Cantonese counterpart.

Shanghai Uncle
2/F, 211 Tian Yao Qiao Rd. (nr. Metro Centre), Shanghai. Tel: 6464-6430

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