Thursday, March 27, 2008

face essence report

O Hui Original Energy 100 (about US$90)

I picked up a number of O Hui products while I was in Seoul a while ago and this moisture boost essence was one of them. The texture is somewhat like water with a slight oily feel to it. I used 4 to 5 drops morning and night in the summer months. To be honestly I didn't really feel any boost in terms of moisture and it didn't really repair my skin condition. It kept my face from being dry but then it was humid in the summer months anyway. Won't be buying another one.

Shiseido Revital Night Essence (around HK$600)

I like all of the Shisedo Revital products. Period. I used this essence together with the line's toner, emulsion, lotion and night cream and my skin condition and elasticity improved drastically over the course of 2 weeks. When I woke up each morning my face shined with radiance. Highly recommended.

Aquamoist by Juju Comestics (HK$100)
An essence used only at night, it's main ingredient is hydraulic acid. It has a very thick consistency so one to two drops is more then enough. It does preserve moisture overnight but only if you put another essence underneath first. Pretty good value for what you get.

Cellex-C essence set (HK$780)
I bought the set because I wanted to give hydra 5 B complex a try. The set has two serums: the high-potency serum is for day and night and the hydra 5 B is for night time only.
The high potency serum is brown in color and had a very pungent smell...kind of like rotten orange peel (not that I know what rotten orange peel smells like). I gagged at times in the morning, especially when I had a hangover.

The hydra 5 B complex feels like a liquid gel and it doesn't smell at all. The set didn't really help my skin drastically and the smell of the brown serum was very over-powering. I am glad they are all gone.

Cell Shock Cellular Ampoules
I forgot how much the set is but it comes with 8 small bottles and each lasts a little more than a week. I love the tangling feeling, somehow it feels like it's penetrating. I use one when I need a booster and it does help correct problematic skin condition. I bring one with me when I go diving and my face never gets dry. Magic!

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