Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miss Ginger

L and I had another visit to Tai Kang Road, this time to collect our tailor-made cashmere stuff and inevitably we had more things made. Ouch!

This time we decided to give Miss Ginger a try. This particular branch boosts a Vietnamese touch on the menu and being a fan of the cuisine I was more than excited.

On top of its regular cafe menu there's a small additional snack menu which include items such as satays, steamed rice rolls, lemongrass beef and etc....not entirely Vietnamese but they are certainly good additions to the menu. We decided to try the rice rolls with shrimps, which tasted pretty up to par and we loved the dip.

On the other hand the chicken satays were a little scary. I didn't like the look of the sauce at all but I tried one anyway. I'm not sure whether it was my imagination or not but bits of the meat tasted too smooth and it made me believe that it might not be cooked through. Scary thought and we left the rest untouched.

We also had laksa (I don't know why but I forgot to take a picture once again) and it was not bad. I have decided that I don't like laksa that much anyway because of the pungent fish sauce in the soup base.

We had a good time despite the average food. Service was good and we liked the outdoor seating.

Lane 248, House 47, Tai Kang Rd. (nr. Sinan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5465-7355

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