Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kaya Korean Restaurant

Kaya looks so trendy from the outside I was surprised my dad suggested to go there. :-)

The place was packed and despite having booked a table we had to share a a large table with another party of 8 in a room. Good thing they weren't too noisy!

Our kimchi spread. Nothing particularly outstanding and we had to ask for refills.

Beef BBQ. We also got beef ribs, pork and sirloin steak. Everything came at once and people started putting them on the same grill all at the same time. Arrrgggg! Anyhow the quality of the meats were not bad and the beef ribs were very nice in particular.

We also shared some spicy tofu soup and ginseng chicken soup. Both were average.

The finale: beef noodles. The beef looked good but unfortunately the dish sucked.

The noodles were very soggy and they are not even half as nice as the ones in Sorabol. What a disappointment! To make it worse the soup base wasn't very tasty at all. Won't be coming back again.
Dinner for 5 came to just over HK$1400 with no drinks. I think it's Sorabol next time for sure.

Kaya Korean Restaurant
6/F, 8 Russell St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2838-9550

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