Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sydney - Manta Restaurant

We (more like me) totally came to this place for the mud crab! Before I dived right in I found myself a really nice starter: my spaghettini with hand picked spanner crab (A$26) was the best I had. The crab meat was so sweet and I liked the sauce which had a hint of chili.

My husband's grilled scallops ($A28) were also very nice with 3 big juicy scallops.

His catch of the day (A$38) - I think it was a bream..it was almost a month ago. He seemed pretty happy with it.

Now my mud crab. It was over 1KG and it came with a chili tomato salsa....it was the best crab I had in my entire life! The meat was firm and sweet and the claws were so big I enjoyed every single bite of it. We found out later than the crab cost a whopping A$130 but I think it was worth it (my husband probably doesn't).

Manta Restaurant
Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo. Tel: 9332-3822

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