Thursday, February 28, 2008

Port Macquarie - Fusion 7

A small seaside town, Port Macquarie has a fair number of restaurants on the main drag. I don't like fusion food to begin with but since Fusion 7 was highly recommended by our hotel we decided to give it a try.

Pan fried haloumi salad. It was my husband's first time having haloumi cheese and he liked it. A little salty and it's got a nice texture.

My scallops with ginger and black bean sauce was OK. It was nicely cooked but it reminded me of how much I hate black bean sauce!

Pan-fried fish - I don't remember what it was. My husband said it was average. I think he was bored since it was too much fried stuff after his salad.

My roast duck on fried couscous I believe. The duck was chewy and I didn't really like that sweet and sour duck sauce at all. So fusion, so cliche.

I did like my dessert although they were not homemade. My first time trying coconut ice cream and I actually liked it (meanwhile my husband stole the raspberry sorbet off me)!
Fusion 7
124 Horton St., Port Macquarie, NSW. Tel: (02) 6584-1171

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