Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Element Fresh

Another lunch visit to Element Fresh. I started off with some smoked salmon maki rolls with cream cheese and spring onions (RMB32) this time. They were quite well made (didn't fall apart) but why so stingy with the smoked salmon?? I could hardly taste anything it was like eating rice rolls.

C's spicy tilapia fish set (RMB55). She said the fish was nicely cooked and the salsa on top was interesting.

My sweet and sour duck set (RMB48). The sweet and sour sauce was very tasty and tangy and duck is a little more interesting than the usual pork. Will order it again.
Element Fresh
4/F, KWah House, 1028 Huai Hai Middle Rd. (nr. Dong Hu Rd.), Shanghai . Tel: 5403-8865

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