Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Virgin Atlantic Hong Kong Lounge

We didn't expect much from the Virgin lounge in Hong Kong but it's pretty spacious and convenient. And we loved the food menu - we got presented a proper menu instead of a buffet spread. Nice! The menu for the day had a number of usual English fare: scotch eggs, samosas, beef wellington, curry and some desserts. We weren't even hungry and we were torn with choices!

There was no way I would go without scotch eggs so here we go. Unfortunately they looked much better than they actually were. I also wasn't keen on the fact that the eggs were heated, which made the sausage mixture tasted greasy. Nonetheless I was happy to have my scotch-egg fix somewhat satisfied.

The food and service on our HK-Sydney flight were nothing special. Basically one is paying extra for a flat bed. Here's Henry enjoying his space and the inflight entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, and hello Henry! I like your review of the HK Virgin Upper Class Lounge. I'm looking forward to visiting it in July 2011. I must add that Henry looks very comfortable in the UC suite!! If you visit v-flyer.com and search for "Mr Moo Moo" you will see my traveling companion, who has flown Virgin U/C many times now!
All the best.