Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sydney - The Rocks Cafe

Saturday 3pm and way past lunch time we were hungry and very desperate. We saw The Rocks Cafe and walked in, not expecting much. The menu was small and expensive but I guess it's right in the dot of the most touristy spot in Sydney so go figure.

Not wanting to order something too fancy (like steak or fish) I went for the Pad Thai noodles, wanting something a little less heavy. Well. I should have gone for a burger. The dish tasted like it was made with one of those packet pad Thai kit you can buy from the supermarket - very tamed and nothing Thai at all. The bottom line is I guess I enjoyed the chunky vegetables and it was marginally healthier than a burger.

My husband's chicken pie. he said it was alright but we didn't understand why there was a layer of oil on the plate like it was garnish.

The meal came to almost A$60. Ouch!

The Rocks Cafe
99 George St., Sydney. Tel: 9247-3089

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