Friday, March 20, 2009

Nem Chua in Thailand!!

I hit the jackpot during a casual stroll in Tesco (of all places!) in Hua Hin.  For those who know me know that I'm crazy about this Vietnamese sausage Nem Chua.  I couldn't believe it when I saw them  stacked along side the regular cold cuts.

On the sign it says Thai fermented sausages.  I had no idea that they are fermented as they sure don't taste anything from a fermentation process.  I wish I can read Thai.

Another Vietnamese sausage I though I'd try.

I didn't think much about the white sausage but the Nem Chua was excellent and just like the ones in Green Cottage!


Anonymous said...

The fermented sausage is called "naem" in Thai. The naem that you bought at Tesco is Chiangmai-style naem branded as "Huay Kaew".

Thanks for the blog. I miss Thailand.

MKat said...

Hi there, if you like Vietnamese Nem Chua, I could help you make it for yourself. That's it: