Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chao Lay Seafood

There are a number of shore side seafood restaurants by the Hua Hin town pier and Chao Lay is one of them.  We decided to give it a try as it ranks quite high up on a travel site.  

The menu was full of seafood items, but they would do regular Thai dishes off the menu like green curry chicken etc.

To start we had to have spring rolls.  They were hot, crispy and no frills.  It was a refreshing change to the fancy (and  fussy) Thai food we kept having at the resort.

Tom yum soup.  I think this was a small portion.  It came bubbling hot and despite the chili oil on top the soup was not spicy at all.  I love all things spicy so it was somewhat disappointing for me.  Then again for the first time I actually got to enjoy the seafood without having to gulp water in between bites.  The pot was full of prawns.  Yum!

Green curry with chicken.  Again it came in a big pot boiling hot.  The curry sauce was excellent and in it chunky pieces of lean chicken.  It was so much better than the version at the resort and it was 10 times cheaper also.

Thai fish cakes.  Great taste and consistency.  

Fried rice.  It was the weakest dish.  Rice was soggy and there was nothing Thai about it.  It was as bland as plain rice without any hint of spice.

Steamed sea bass in lime and chili sauce.  The fish itself was very fresh and plump.  The sauce was a little lame in the spicy scale.  Whenever we had this dish it always came in a small table stove.  Without a stove our fish got cold pretty quickly and it wasn't the nicest when it cooled down 5 minutes into its arrival.

Stir-fried vegetables.  Nothing special but at least they were crunchy and not the frozen variety.

The meal came close to US$30.  And it's one of the more expensive places in town - we love Thailand!

15 Naresdamri Rd., Hua Hin, Thailand.  Tel: 032 513-436

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