Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thai Airways

We were actually looking forward to our journey back as it was our first time flying first class...perhaps travelling with a baby isn't such a bad thing!

Made-to-order club sandwich at the lounge.  It was as good as the club sandwiches I had had at hotel cafes (somehow it's such a hotel food).

Once on board we got served a small snack rather quickly.  They were supposed to be bite-sized crab cakes but they didn't taste too much like crab at all.  Maybe it was the rubbery texture which distracted me.

Champagne with grissini and ciabatta. Finally some decent airline bread.

To start we had scallops with avocado and pate.  Didn't touch the pate but the rest was very good.

Caviar and all the fixings.  I am not a regular caviar eater so I couldn't tell if it's good or not.

Pumpkin soup.  It was not hot enough and even if it was it wouldn't save it from being tasteless.

Now things definitely started to look up when we saw the size of that lobster.  The sauce was excellent too.  I assume it's yellow curry?  It tasted more gingery to green curry and it wasn't spicy.  The lobster was actually pretty decent too and for once I was getting full on a plane!

Rice which came with the lobster.  To nitpick the veggies were overcooked.

There were a number of cakes to choose from for dessert but our precious little baby kept whining we had to pass.  It was a shame.

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