Saturday, March 07, 2009

breakfasts, Alila Cha-Am

I could get used to breakfasts at Alila.  The selection was not big but it was very sufficient.  Everything was very nicely cooked too and we got to eat outdoor most days when it wasn't too hot.  Most importantly it was nice and quiet and it was indeed a very refreshing alternative to your usual resort buffet breakfasts.

I was determined to try something different each day since we were there for a week.  On day 4 I discovered the fried rice with crab meat and I never looked back.  It was the nicest fried rice I ever had!  The freshly picked crab meat was the best and it's just out of this world.  At first it was a little hard to bring myself to have rice first thing in the morning but I sure got used to it.  Too bad this dish is not on the lunch or dinner menu or I'd be having it all day.

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