Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hua Hin Market Village

A quick meal at the Hua Hin Market Village Mall.  The meal cost us US10 and even though it would have been cheaper to eat in the market area we were happy to be sitting in the air-con.  And as a bonus the food was pretty tasty too.

My Tom Yam.  When asked if I wanted noodles with it I thought sure what the heck.  I actually loved the combination!

Some stir-fried pork dish we picked from the photo-menu.  Simple but nice.

Mixed veggies.  I am never keen on mixed veg as they tend to be frozen or tin veg and it's always cooked to death and pappy.  In this case it wasn't that bad and at least the veg was crunchy.

Green curry fried rice.  Totally enjoyable.

Pad Thai in egg omelette.  I hardly got to eat any as my husband wolfed it down very quickly, which I take must have been really good.

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