Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thai junk food

To be exact I should call them Japanese junk produced in Thailand.  

I never thought I would put anything named Pocky in my mouth but my sister got me hooked on these.  There are many different kinds of Pocky but she said the strawberry one is the only one worth trying.  I agree fully.  Crispy biscuit sticks are coated with strawberry cream infused with bits of strawberries.  They are highly addictive!  The Thai version is fairly similar to the original Japanese version and it's at least half the price.

There must have been at least 200 types of instant noodles on the rack.  Thai people love their noodles.  I wanted something Thai tasting, i.e. spicy and somehow the picture on the pot made me believe it would be so.  Big mistake.  It tasted exactly like the regular Nissin pot noodles and therefore not very nice at all.  A waste of time!

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