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Motion, Alila Cha-Am

We have had a number meals at our resort restaurant Motion.  With the LO's early bed time it was difficult to be out for dinners and luckily the menu covered quite a few things/continents and we were able to try different dishes.

On our second night we decided to check out the place.  The night was quiet and warm and we thought we would grab a quick bite.  It turned out to be rather romantic actually with candles and wine.  

Homemade grissinis were served promptly when we were given the menus.  Crunchy and subtly seasoned they disappeared rather quickly.

As we were still craving Thai food we gave the menu's Thai section a go.  Here we have Thai deep-fried dressed crab.  I love crab to begin with but this dish was so delicious my husband was impressed also.  Chunky white crab meat was mixed in with breadcrumbs and Thai spices.  Even thought they were fried they weren't too greasy at all.  We wanted more!

Seafood salad with vermicelli.  This dish has to be one of my all-time favourite Thai dishes.  I always wanted to find out what exactly is in the dressing, as there has to be more than just lime and chili.  The version in Alila looked very dainty but it was full of punch.  I reached for my glass of water very quickly!

Stir-fried prawns and asparagus.  While we liked the taste we felt the presentation was too fussy.  The fact that it looked interesting did not distract us from realising that it tasted blah.  And for what they were charging they were two very expensive prawns too.  

Green curry with chicken.  The curry sauce was fragrant and yummy but then it'd be difficult to mess that one up.  The big disappointment was that there were only about 3 pieces of chicken in the pot?  The rest were some kind of sliced vegetable which might have been bamboo shoots but it tasted more like wood.  

I specifically asked my husband to put his hand in the shot to demonstrate relative sizes.   In the little bamboo shoot lied our pad Thai noodles.  It was definitely not for sharing.  And again, it looked very cute in presentation but the taste was nothing special.  

We were happy with our meal because service was good and it was romantic.  The food, however, was marginal.  If "gourmet Thai" means small portions and fussy plating then we will pass.

On a different day we were back for lunch.  Even though I had decided to give the gourmet Thai menu a miss I couldn't resist spring rolls when I saw them on the menu.   I hate to say this again but they were truly unremarkable.  I do like the way the served it.

My husband's pizza with prosciutto was actually freshly made and surprisingly nice.

My pasta with clams was very well made as well.  The garlic and white wine sauce was neither too garlicky nor overwhelming, and the clams were meaty and fresh.  The chef responsible for non-Thai cuisine is a gem!

Another evening, another supper.  Where were the grissinis tonight?  The rolls here were no match to the grissinis.

Nicoise salad with seared tuna.  It looked great and tasted equally as nice too.

I had to have another Thai seafood salad with vermicelli.   I think there were more seafood here then the first time we had it.  
The pizza was so good my husband decided to have another one.  This time around there were olives!

Spaghetti with creamy chicken and green peppercorn sauce.  It was very delicious indeed and I loved the interesting taste and texture of green peppercorns.  I must find the recipe and try making it at home.  

Mango sticky rice.  We are back to stingy portion again whenever we order Thai food from the menu!  We loved the dish but we could definitely use more mango.

Another supper and I was more than happy to try another pasta dish.  It didn't disappoint - a generous amount of salmon was seared and infused in a nutty pesto sauce.  Nice!
My husband had a pizza again.  They must be good!

All in all we were quite happy with the variety and quality of the food. The prices they are charging are of course way more than normal street restaurants but they are not extortionist.  The only problem we had was the fact that we got charged for bottled water when it is free anywhere else in the resort - a bit cheeky if you ask me!

Cha-Am Thailand

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