Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Club Vietnam @ FCC

FCC in Shanghai stands for Foreign Culture Club..although I'm not aware of any cultural event on going on site, as it seems to be just another garden-setting venue with a bar, a couple of restaurants, a wine cellar, and a patisserie.  

Even though I was on my own I decided to pig out.  The menu was pretty big and I had to restrain myself from over-ordering.  Since my husband loves prawn cakes I decided to do some detective work for him.  The result:  more than satisfactory and mostly importantly it wasn't swimming in grease!  I thought it would get the prawn-cake connoisseur's approval.

Beef curry with baguette.  The beef was tender but a little fatty, and the curry sauce wasn't bad.  It's probably as good as it gets in Shanghai.  

Here is the main reason for my visit: pho.  I have nothing bad to say about it except the fact that it's so small in portion.  

My pho condiment.  I guess I could have asked for more spouts but then my bowl probably wasn't big enough to fit more in!
Lunch came to almost RMB200.  Very pricey but with the lack of Vietnamese places in Shanghai what else can we do?

889 Julu Rd. (nr. Changsu Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel:  6445-8082

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