Saturday, January 26, 2008

Simply Thai

When we got to Simply Thai at around 7:15pm it was already packed. Having tried a number of the dishes we could see why though. The food seemed to have gotten so much better than our previous visit about a year ago. Nice work!

Prawn cakes (RMB60) - a must-have with my husband. They were very nicely seasoned and fried and more importantly not greasy at all. Loved the texture also - we could actually taste prawns.

Mixed saute vegetables(RMB40). We didn't expect much as a dish like that is usually very pappy and cooked to death. To our surprise it was actually very good: everything was crunchy and tasty.

Green curry chicken (RMB55). It was rich and full of flavours and the chicken didn't taste frozen. Loved it.

Pad Thai(RMB45). Another dish turned out to be excellent.

We also got lap gai/minced chicken in herbs and chili (RMB45). Although with just 1 chili sign on the menu it was fierce.

We need to go back soon!

Simply Thai
Xin Tian Di, Ma Dang Rd. (nr. Xin Ye Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6326-2088

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