Friday, June 22, 2007


We enjoyed our RMB150 all-you-can-eat-and-drink teppanyaki so much last time we were all getting really excited before this visit.

Out first course: asparagus wrapped in bacon. The bacon was not too fatty and gave the roll a nice flavour.

Our all-time favourite beef roll with enoki mushroom. By the time our chef cooked our second dish we suspected something was wrong. She was pouring so much of this liquid (we thought it was water) on her cooking. By the time we got our food though it was clear that it was oil she was using. Look how greasy her version of the roll was compared to the one we had last time (see here).

I took a picture of the pile of beef we got given (there were 8 of us).

We normally like this dish a lot but unfortunately the beef once again came out extremely greasy. Check out the oil on my plate. What was her problem??

Our fried rice. It was too moist and the rice was sticky. Might not have been her fault but I am going to blame her anyway. It was disappointing compared with the rice we had last time, which was very peppery, dry and firm.

The egg omelet with bacon inside. Again, very greasy.

By the time we got the beef stir-fry we were overloaded with grease. The beef had a nice white pepper taste but way too oily.

We had 2 vegetable dishes and they were too dripping in oil. I had no idea why she had to soak the cabbage with oil. Perhaps she should try eating her own cooking to see what it's like. What a difference a chef could make! Please give us back the dude we had the first time!

If I had to name one good thing about the meal I guess it was cleansing - it immediately cleared my pipes out. It's like WD40.

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