Monday, June 04, 2007


It was our first visit to Franck and we love the way the place is set up. We sat in the courtyard to begin with but then it rained and we had to move indoor, which was also very pleasant and roomy.

The baguette was the best baguette in town! So soft and fresh.
The tomato and mozzarella (RMB88). It looked so neat and we were impressed.
The real surprise came when we cut open the tomato. The tomato was stuffed with arugula salad, how cool!
U went for the croque monsieur (around RMB80) but got served a croque campagne instead. She was not all too happy with the sandwich anyway because on top of cheese somehow there was bechamel on it. The floury taste of bechamel didn't add anything to the sandwich but made it soggy instead. Not impressed.
The salad which came with the croque campagne.
C had the quiche lorraine (around RMB80). She said it was nice.
My club sandwich (around RMB80) with chips. It took a long time to arrive but it wasn't bad. A little too salty from the bacon and with the salty chips I felt like I ate my recommended dose of daily sodium intake all in one go.
C's cappuccino. She liked it.
U decided to give the creme caramel a try and again it took a long while to arrive. It was worth the wait though cos she said it was really nice.
The bill with 3 drinks came to around RMB480. The verdict: nice environment, mediocre food and expensive for what you get, good dessert, excellent baguette. Hint: you can buy the baguette to go for RMB12.


Ferguson Lane, 376 Wu Kang Rd. (near Hu Nan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6437-6465

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