Sunday, June 03, 2007

Crossroad Cafe

Crossroad Cafe moved! Its new location is bigger and completed with booths. The menu is still the same: Southeast Asian with a concentration on Singaporean dishes. My last visit was at least a year ago, and my laksa and chicken rice were mediocre at best: laksa too fishy; chicken rice with bony chicken and bland rice.

On this visit I decided to try other Singapore specialities instead. The Singaporean chicken curry(RMB38) looked right on spot. It had the right color and consistency. The chicken pieces, although with bones, were big and meaty. While the sauce was rich and creamy with all the southeast Asian curry flavours I have still got a couple of complaints (I know, I'm picky): firstly we could use a few more potato pieces, as it's such a waste to not to be able to soak up all the sauce; and secondly the sauce can be a tad bit spicier. Nevertheless it's so far the best Southeast Asian styled curry I've had in Shanghai.

Can you believe I went for the broccoli (RMB25) instead of the beef satays? The pain of keeping a balanced diet. The broccoli was crunchy but a little too salty.

I was going to order the Indonesian nasi goreng but then I thought I should stay away from the over-easy fried egg after my horrendous experience in North Korea. So goodbye satay, goodbye fried rice and hello Singapore noodles (RMB28).
I must confess I never had Singapore noodles actually in Singapore, therefore I probably shouldn't really be giving my 2 cents here but hey. The version that we are used to and like (see here) should be spicy with a pronounced curry powder taste.

When the dish arrived I didn't think the color was right. The color was less yellow (probably means too little curry powder) than I thought it should be. This version however was a little too wet and the soya sauce was overpowering. In fact it had no curry taste and no kick at all. It was still tasty though, as a fried noodle dish with a nice hint of ginger flavour.

Lunch with a freshly squeezed apple juice (RMB20) came to RMB110.

8/F Parkson, 918 Huai Hai Middle Rd. (near Shanxi Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6415-2923

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