Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moon River Diner

My 2nd visit to Moon River in one day! I was so hungry during my first visit I totally forgot about pictures. My burger with bacon and egg was so dang good.

Less then 4 hours later I was back with my husband. He for some reason decided to have the chicken pot pie(RMB55) as supposed to one of the burgers. It was somewhat of a mistake. The pie was at best mediocre. He ate most of the pastry and some fillings and left the whole thing. He liked his side order of chili cheese fries (RMB25) though.

Since I was not at all hungry I ordered the chicken strips(RMB32) from the kids menu, where it says it's suitable for babies (I believe they meant toddlers). When the dish arrived I immediately thought they looked overcooked. As a result the strips felt so hard and dry I felt like I was going to cut myself when I swallowed. Definitely not for children!

The milkshakes were really good as usual. Next time we should just stick to the burgers (see pictures here).

Moon River Diner (4 locations in town)
66 Yu Yao Rd.(near Hai Fang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5169-9156

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