Tuesday, June 05, 2007

face mask marathon

I've been trying a lot of new masks and here's the summary.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Reviving Oxygen Mask (HK$518/50ml)I absolutely love this moisture mask. Once on it gives this tingling sensation for a few minutes. It feels very penetrating indeed. Leave on for 15 mins and after the skin is refreshed, awaken and hydrated. The complexion is instantly brighter! Will buy it again.


Valmont Renewing Pack, Cellular Anti-stress Face Treatment (HK$430/30ml)I bought a trial size because I didn't want to shell out 900 big ones for something I'm not familiar with. I was warned that the mask is tingly (and in some cases it might even sting) but the sensation should go away in a few minutes. Well when I tried it for the first time it was almost painful, like a heated pain but then surely it went away in a few minutes. Although my skin feels softer after the result is not as noticeable as the Swiss Line mask. The sales girl said I should use it every other day but I am too stingy to be using it quite so often.


Apivita Deep Cleasing Face Mask with Green Argile (HK$280/12 packets) To this day I have not yet found a mask which cleanses properly. This green argile is not outstanding at all but at least it doesn't dry my skin up. The Apivita individual packaging is good for travelling too. Before I find another good cleansing mask I will buy this again for sure (this is my 2nd box).


Apivita Firming face Mask with Grape Seed (HK$280/12 packets)One of my favourite masks - my 4th box. When you put the mask on you must gently press on the seeds until they burst in order for the mask to work. The result is not so much of firming to be honest, but the skin is very soft and moisturised. It glows. What more can you ask for?


Apivita Instant Lifting Mask with Red Wine (HK$280/12 packets) You can tell I kept trying this Apivita stuff. I really like the individual packing because it feels fresh and I can't say it enough times that it's excellent for travelling!

I will be blunt here: I don't like the red wine mask at all because it smells so boozy. I felt nauseous the whole time I had it on. My face didn't feel lifted either. Basically it didn't seem to do anything. Not recommended.

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