Sunday, June 17, 2007

Element Fresh

Whenever we want rabbit food we go to Element Fresh. To be fair the menu there has got a lot more than salads. Besides their salads are so scrumptious they are hardly classified as rabbit food.

We started off with the reliable very berry smoothie (RMB50). Nice and refreshing, it felt so healthy too.

We had the hummus set (RMB54) to share. The picture was taken when it was almost half eaten. The pita bread was so warm and soft I totally forgot about the pictures.

My husband's BBQ chicken burger (RMB58). His comment was that it's "alright". When asked to elaborate he said the chicken was a little dry and uninspiring. The orange-color marinate didn't add much taste to the the burger at all. The twist - the mango salsa on the side was also a little lame. Hey it had to be better than salads, right?

I also cheated and ordered the pad Thai (RMB52) instead of a healthy salad. It had all the flavours: sweet, sour and even a little spicy. I was expecting it to be bland. The consistency was not right however. It was...gooey and a little wet - I think it was the egg. Nonetheless I ate most of it and I was happy.

The side dishes which came with my pad Thai. The soup was like a broth with a curry undertone. It tasted too salty and probably had MSG? I ate the small piece of potato in it (there were also 2 small pieces of tomatoes). The chopped tofu and celery was dressed with a sesame dressing. Refreshing. I skipped the apple slices at the end cos by the time I finished they were almost brown.

Lunch came to RMB264 for the 2 of us. Will be back for more in the hot summer.

Element Fresh (many locations in SH)
4/F, Ka Wah Building, 1010 Huai Hai Rd. Middle (near Dong Hu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5403-8865

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