Sunday, June 17, 2007


Friday night and we wanted some casual Italian. Instead of going to Da Marco and wait for a table we decided to give Amici a try.

Set on the 2/F of the Regent Hotel (swanky but hardly the "it" hotel in town) we didn't expect the place to be busy. We were still taken by surprise when we got there. The big restaurant was almost deserted except the 3 lone diners (probably hotel guests). My husband immediately started to make some smart-ass comments but we figured we would give it a try anyway since there's not much near by other than the Little Sheep hotpot, which he didn't want.

The menu has got all the usual dishes you would expect in a casual hotel Italian restaurant. We decided to go for the pizzas because the huge pizza table and the wood oven were right in front of us. (The open kitchen is at the back of the restaurant.) As soon as we placed our order the dude behind the table started rolling out the dough. It was looking good!

Here's the Amici pizza with parma ham (RMB70). It was delicious - especially the crunchy base.

My calzone (RMB80) was a plate-full (the finger was placed there for scaling but it didn't work obviously). It was stuff with ham, mushroom, aubergine and cheese.

The fillings sat on the bottom, which made it a little soggy as time went on. The top is very thin and crispy. Mind you I think I prefer the bread-y Cornish pasty.

The dessert menu looked weak so we didn't bother. There were ice cream, banana boat (more ice cream!), tiramisu, fruits, and something which consists of a stack of ice cream once again. Yarn.

Dinner with a glass of wine came to RMB259. I am beginning to think that there was a mistake (we didn't check the bill at the time). How could it be RMB259? Was the glass of wine RMB100?

Anyhow service was very good and we will be back when we want simple pizzas again. Don't they want the same money in Pizza Hut?


2/F Regent Hotel, 1116 Yan An West Rd. (near Panyu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6115-9988

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