Friday, May 04, 2012


It must have been at least 7 years since I visited Watami in Hong Kong and I was more than surprise to see a very similar menu in Shanghai after all these years!

Pork cutlet in pot (RMB33).  It came with a raw egg which you cook in the pot.  It's like katsu don without the rice.  It tasted exactly like the one I had in Hong Kong.  How do they do that?
Tuna sashimi (RMB49).  It didn't taste of tuna at all.  It could be any fish but at least it was clean and I didn't get a tummy ache after.
Sapporo miso ramen (RMB39).  It didn't remind me of the ramen I had in Sapporo as the soup base was nowhere creamy and buttery enough.  Yet it was more enjoyable than the one I had in Wagamama.
Basement 1, Kerry Parkside, 1378 Hua Mu Rd., Pudong, Shanghai. Tel: 3372-7988

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