Friday, May 04, 2012

Jujube Vegetarian Lifestyle 枣子树

My vegetarian girlfriend had cravings for Chinese vegetarian dishes aka fake meats and Jujube was the perfect place to go.  A very clean and busy eatery and a menu with pictures, we decided to pig out.

Vegetarian char siu pork (RMB22) made out of tofu skin.  It's got a thick sweet soy based sauce on top to make this semi crunchy "pork" really tasty.  It's probably extremely unhealthy for you!
Stir-fried green beans (RMB30).  Great dish and we liked how dry it came out.
Sweet and sour fake chicken (RMB45).  The "chicken" is some kind of soy product dipped in batter and fried.  It didn't taste like chicken but it had a nice texture.  The sweet and sour sauce was excellent and it was actually more satisfying then the real thing, as I felt very wholesome eating soy protein!
Steamed dumplings (RMB12).  Excellent dumplings with chopped veggies.
Fried "chicken" ding in hot and spicy sauce (RMB42).  It didn't resemble chicken at all and the pieces of soy product were too dry.  The sauce was nice though.
Vegetarian pad Thai (RMB28).  A bit bland in taste and too greasy.  Will stick with plain brown rice (RMB4) next time.
Braised lion's head (RMB44).  Dough and vegetable balls made to look and taste like the meat version.  It was way too doughy and the sauce on the outside did not penetrate the dough balls at all.  In any case the sauce was not very nice to begin with so we took a bite and left the rest.
Jujube Vegetarian Lifestyle 枣子树
258 Feng Xian Rd. (nr. Jiang Ning Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6215-7566

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