Friday, May 04, 2012

Golden Bull Vietnamese Restaurant 金牛苑

Lunch at Golden Bull with a friend. Appetizer platter for two (RMB96).  Very expensive for the few pieces of regular Vietnamese fried things.
Saigon pork ribs (RMB56).   We were not sure what was so Saigon about the ribs, as the marinate  tasted more like Chinese cuisine.  Pork was quite fatty and pretty greasy.

 The signature dish pho in curry broth (RMB48) was quite a disappointment.  The curry broth lacked complexity which a good curry sauce should have.  Anybody can mix turmeric with water and cook noodles in it.
Stir-fried morning glory with belacan sauce (RMB38).  A fairly standard Malaysian dish ad it was probably the one we enjoyed most.
Golden Bull Vietnamese Restaurant 金牛苑
3/F,  IFC Mall, 8 Century Ave.. Pudong, Shanghai.  Tel: 6190-8170

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