Friday, May 04, 2012

Frankie's Place

I had major cravings for Singapore noodles for a while and headed to Frankie's.  It was a smart choice as Frankie's probably has the best Singapore noodles (RMB24) in town!  Packed full of flavours it was reasonably spicy as well,  just like a good Singapore noodles should be.  If I have to nitpick then perhaps they could use fresh prawns?  It is an unreasonable request given the price they are charging.
Fish ball soup (RMB25).  Good fish balls and I LOVED the chili soy dip.
Sambal fish cakes (RMB20).  I enjoyed them very much and I particularly loved the texture of the cakes.  I suspect it was the sambal sauce which made me very thirsty afterwards. Perhaps I will try plain fish cakes next time.
Frankie's Place
546 Huang Hua Rd. (nr. Hong Jing Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 5476-1068

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