Friday, May 04, 2012

The Food Central

I found myself back to Food Central again even though I was never very impressed with the food. I guess the idea of having a menu with food from different regions works when you are with friends and no one seems to know what he or she wants to eat.

Ben Gazara pizza with peppers, eggplant, mushroom, mozzarella and goats cheese, olive poached crushed tomatoes and fried herbs (RMB95).  The descriptions looked so good but it came out really wet and soggy. Let's say there are cheaper and nicer pizzas in own.
Grilled hamburger (RMB95).  I added a fried egg for an extra RMB10.  It was tasty alright but way too much salt in the patty and on the fries!  I suffered the whole afternoon afterwards.
The Food Central
308 Anfu Rd. (nr. Wukand Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 3461-9071

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