Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aniseed 大茴香

Another semi-successful lunch at Aniseed Kerry Parkside.  Like I said before consistency seems to be an issue there but I like Vietnamese food so much I keep going back hoping for the best.  Luckily this time my well-cooked beef pho (RMB360 came out rather nice and piping hot.
I was not as happy with my curry beef stew (RMB48) on the other hand.  The curry sauce lacked complexity and themeat was not tender.  It didn't come with any side dish like baguette or rice which made it a bit awkward.
Bánh cuốn (RMB32).  The rice pastry split here and there once again.  Not that it affected the taste (which was rather good) but it was a lot less appetizing to look at that's all.
Aniseed 大茴香
L1115, Kerry Parkside, 1378 HuaMu Rd. (nr. FangDang Rd.), Pudong, Shanghai.  Tel: 6190-8006

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