Friday, May 04, 2012

Alla Torre

We wanted pizza all of a sudden and instead of getting the usual pizza delivery we thought we might as well try Alla Torre, which is a stone throw from where we live.  Weekend brunch seemed like a good deal:  starters and desserts were buffet styled, and you get to choose from a big list of pasta, pizza or risotto for RMB88, or main courses for RMB118.  And if you are really hungry and can have both pasta/pizza/risotto and a main course for RMB138. 

A few of the items from the buffet starters.  Mortadella was a big hit with my kids.
Rigatoni alla Puttanesca.  It was actually outstanding!  The sauce was rich and very flavourful with a nice hint of anchovies.
Breaded pork lion.  I ordered the dish for my kids but they were to busy eating other things.  Pork loin was lean and well seasoned.  It exceeded my expectation totally (as the place wasn't very busy).
Pizza with cooked ham and champignon mushrooms.  We liked the thin-crust pizza but it was probably the weaker dish amongst the rest. 
Desserts were simple with fruit and cakes.  With its reasonable-priced menu and more than OK food  it's not a bad spot to be if you are in the area.

Alla Torre
165 Lujiazui Huan Rd. (nr. Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Rd.), Pudong, Shanghai.  Tel: 3383-0577

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