Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wang Jia Sha

We had our two firsts for the day:  Marks and Sparks in Shanghai, and the legendary Wang Jia Sha right next door.  I knew Wang Jia Sha is famous but I failed to remember what the signature dishes are.  The waitress wasn't all that helpful so I picked a few things randomly from the menu.

Some kind of prawn dumplings (RMB12).  They weren't bad but I didn't really taste prawns.  Perhaps they were mashed up?

Stir-fried beef with Hangzhou peppers (RMB22).  It was probably the best dish of all the others we got.  The sauce was slight sweet and thick it coated the beef nicely.  The peppers were not spicy at all but then they didn't really have a distinctive taste to them.

Lion head(RMB15).  I have to say I prefer the braised version with the thick brown sauce like the ones in 1221.  This version was quite soft and smooth, which made me think that there must have been a lot of fat in the meat.  Not the best I've had.

Fried noodles with beef on hot plate (RMB18).  I know Shanghaiese food is generally rather greasy but this thing was swimming in oil.  The taste wasn't bad but the oil was too much for us to handle.  as hungry as we were we were not able to finish it.
Our verdict:  very reasonable prices, so-so quality, very crowded and no service whatsoever; typical for local famed eateries (especially the part with bad service).  I am sure there are neighbourhood places with much better food with similar prices.

Wang Jia Sha
805 Nanjing Road West (nr. Shimen Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6258-6373

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