Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Da Marco

Another late Sunday afternoon, another visit to Da Marco.  It's the only time we can go without having to book a table.  Now the place was only half full (if) and we fail to understand why they ALWAYS have to cramp everybody right next to each other?  It's plain lazy from the waiters' side perhaps and it's really frustrating when we have a stroller and a car seat with baby.  Anyhow.  Back to the food.

Perhaps we were really hungry..the bread was pretty tasty!

The antipasto platter was quite substantial for one person.  We liked the selection and everything was fresh.

I decided to be adventurous and ordered the octopus salad.  It turned out to be a little too funky for me.  I thought there would be stewed baby octopus but it was actually thick slices of rather chewy stuff without a whole lot of taste.  A little disappointing I have to say.

My husband had the beef sirloin once again.  The presentation was a little different:  the beef was sliced this time for some reason but it was as nice as usual nonetheless.

My spaghetti bolognese was average at best.  Will stick with something non-tomato base next time maybe?
Da Marco
103 East Zhu An Bang Rd. (nr.Zheng Nin Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6210-4495

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