Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peter's Tex Mex

We had another visit to our favourite Tex-Mex restaurant with my in-laws.  It's a good opportunity to order a table full of food! 

To start we had nachos with bean and beef. Loved the melted cheese and sadly it was my last bite of cheese as I am cutting out all dairy once and for all for my 4-month old baby. :-(

Quesadilla with chicken and cheese.  It was so good I even ate one when it got cold.  It tasted just fine even though my husband was pulling a face.

My father-in-law went for a spaghetti Bolognese to be safe.  I don't think Tex-Mex is in the UK and they were a little apprehensive about the dishes.

Another safe choice for my mother-in-law:  spaghetti and meatballs.  Both spaghetti dishes were very nice I was told.

My husband's burrito.  I think burrito is a man dish as the fillings are almost too dodgy.

My chicken burger.  On the menu it mentions something about a secret batter with spices and boy was that batter nice.  The seasonings were perfect and the chicken was moist and meaty.  I think I will get my husband to go back with us this weekend.

Since I am eating for two I got a serving of chicken fingers as well.  They were fried nicely as usual.  I have to say they could probably do better than using frozen fries but hey.   I wish they would make chicken fingers with the same batter they use for my chicken burger!
We saw freshly made cinnimon rolls but we did not have room.  I know my friends C and C (who are now back in teh States sadly) would love to have one.  We miss you here in SH!

The scrumptious meal for four with drinks came to around RMB400.  Not bad at all!

Peter's Tex-Mex
Unit 7, Lane 3911 Hong Mei Rd. (nr. Yan An Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6261-2505

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