Thursday, November 20, 2008


Slice in Pudong is so much nicer than the one in Puxi, both food and layout wise.   The patio on the second floor overlooking Dulwich's rugby field makes you forget about actually being in Shanghai!  I love the little deli shop on the ground floor too.  Service is always friendly and efficient.  If I have to nitpick I would say the place (especially the bathrooms) isn't very pram and baby friendly.  Good thing we can always change our Little One at the back of our car.

We find ourselves back at least once a week when we go to Pudong.  Here are a few things we tried during our visits:

Parma ham melt on sourdough.  Loved the bread, and extra points on keeping the ham lean.  

Chips with rosemary and sea salt.  These days you often get fries for chips but here at Slice they got it right.

My beef burger with chips.  It was a very burger indeed.  I wish it could be bigger.  The salsa/dip had a spicy kick to it and it was perfect for the chips.  I believe all the ingredients are organic.  

Slice's version of lasagna with slices of tomato in it.   I was told it was very nice, light, and refreshing indeed.

Steak sandwich with chips.  This is the one dish that looks better than it tastes. The beef didn't taste of beef at all.  It was like chewing on a piece of fiber.  The sauce helped wash it down but didn't save the dish.
688 Bi Yun Rd. (nr. Lan An Rd.), Jinqiao, Pudong.  Tel: 3382-0653

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