Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happiness Cuisine

Our first visit to the very new and shiny but deserted Science Park in Tai Po.  My tax money!

We decided to give this restaurant a try when it was recommended by a number of people.  It's supposedly a nice alternative to the otherwise very crowded Tai Po restaurant scene.

Since I was still pregnant they wanted me to have a taste of this vinegar soup with pig's trotter and eggs.  I was told I didn't have to eat the trotters as all the "good stuff" should be infused in the vinegar based soup.  I took a sip.  IT WAS SOOOOO SWEET it was sickening.  Needless to say it put me right off the stuff and I never looked back even after my delivery.

Some kind of fish congee.  It was actually not bad.

BBQ pork neck.  It was probably the greasiest piece of meat I came across in my life.

Beef rice stick.  Again they managed to make it really greasy?  It's not just the sauce which was oily the white pastry itself was exceptionally greasy also.  Quite talented. 

Pan-fried turnip cake.  Again the cake slices were soaked in oil.  Yuck!

The usual dim sum dishes.  Nothing special.

More dim sum.  To be honest we were having indigestion before we even finished the meal.  Won't be going back again.
Happiness Cuisine
1/F, 1 Science Park West Ave, Shatin, Hong Kong. Tel: 2827-8803

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