Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Had major craving for katsudon and took a recommendation to try out Sagami.

I couldn't quite decide between udon noodles(RMB30) and katsudon(RMB39) so I ordered both. There are lunch sets with sushi on the menu but being pregnant I wasn't going to risk eating anything raw at a place I don't know well. At the end my decision probably saved me from a trip to the doc.

The udon was pretty average, like the ones you get from a cheap sushi place with conveying belts. There were pieces of chicken which seemed suspicious somehow and I left those out. The vegetables were nice but the egg arrangement was a little weird. I thought the norm is either boiled or poached egg but I will have to check with my Japanese friends.
The katsudon was slightly better. The pork itself was too thin and dry. The sauce and batter were OK but then again it most probably came from a bottled sauce. All in all I was not impressed.
To make the matter worse I actually got sick from the meal afterwards. It went on for 2 days before it finally got out of my system. Could it be the eggs? Who knows. I was just glad that I didn't try its sushi!

666 Fuzhou Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6391-7618

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