Friday, October 09, 2009

Tsui Wah

My first visit to the new Tsui Wah branch in Shanghai. Naturally I had to try everything!

I always loved the Malaysian curry dishes in Hong Kong and this version though not as good, it was not too far off. You do have to order rice separate and the portion is very small.
Another Tsui Wah's signature dish in Hong Kong: fish balls with noodles. Even though they were probably the best fish balls I had had in Shanghai so far they were a long way from the real thing. The broth was way too strong with too much MSG. And why was the portion so small?
I thought I'd try the cuttlefish balls as well. There were more fatty pork pieces in the balls than cuttlefish and it was off-putting.
The girls across (yes I had to share a table as the place was packed out during lunch) ordered beef brisket stew, labeled as another Hong Kong signature dish. It looked alright.
Some non-Cantonese dishes from the menu to cater to the locals here supposedly.

Conclusions from my first visit: pricey for what you get. Prices are similar to Hong Kong if not more expensive and yet portions are small and it just doesn't have the same quality as the HK shops. And why all the non-Cantonese dishes when a lot of the other staple dishes are missing? To our great disappointment Yangzhou fried rice and Singapore noodles are not on the menu. Sadly...I will probably go back again as there aren't a lot of options around.

A quick takeaway meal a week later. I couldn't believe how small my Hainan Chicken was. Honestly 6 pieces of chicken at RMB50 is steep.
While the chicken lacked quality and quantity the same goes for the rice and soup. The red chili dip was the only redeeming feature for this disappointing meal and still it gave me lots of grief afterwards. Everything must have been laced with a huge dose of MSG and I suffered all day after. Not worth it!
Tsui Wah
291 Fumin Rd. (nr. Changle Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6170-1282

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