Sunday, October 11, 2009


My first Seolleongtang and I really have to thank my friend C for showing me this whole new Korean dining horizon in Shanghai. Who would have thought one can get authentic and good quality Korean food at very reasonable prices in Shanghai?

Back to my meal. You know it's serious business when you get 2 huge tubs of kimchi to start with your meal. I should add that I was eating on my own.
My Seolleongtang was full of intense beef flavors. It must have been stewed for hours to get the taste so rich and creamy. In the soup there were slices of beef and I wished there was more. The Korean lady working there was very kind to show me the correct way of eating this soup: I was to mix my rice in the soup and season with spring onions and black pepper. It was delicious! I wolfed it down in no time and very happily paid my RMB35 for the meal. I will be back!
193 JinHui Rd. South (nr. WuZhong Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 3431-8345

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