Friday, October 09, 2009

Cantina Agave

I don't even remember what we had here since the food was so average it didn't leave an impression. I think it was some kind of burrito and soft chicken tacos. The service however was chaotic and it wasn't even busy. We waited and waited for our nachos and we had to cancel it at the end(meanwhile 4 or 5 nachos were given to customers who arrived and ordered after us). Oh well. It's not like the food will bring us back.

Cantina Agave
291 Fumin Rd. (nr. Changle Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6170-1310

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried the one named 华越楼 in 古北 (长宁区黄金城道781号(近古北路)? I think it's pretty good. But you have to tell the waiter to really boil the broth before bring it to you.